What is EQAREE and how does it work?

Eqaree is an online marketplace for real estate investing. We aim to provide people with low cost institutional quality real estate investments.

Eqaree’s platform, will give investors the opportunity to invest in real estate opportunities online through a secure, private website. Investors can browse properties, review due diligence materials and invest in real estate equity securely online. Once invested, investors will have access to an online dashboard, allowing them to watch how their money is working for them at all times.

Real estate sponsors looking to sell their properties can do so by creating an account, filling out an online application and going through a due diligence process conducted by a group of independent accredited financial, legal and real estate experts.

We are here to simplify and open up the real estate market to everyone and give everyone an equal chance to benefit from the security of a diversified real estate portfolio.

Who makes up EQAREE team?

We are a dedicated team of professional, with experience in risk, technology and finance. You can learn more about us here.

Where are we located?

Eqaree is headquartered in Lebanon with an aim to expand regionally and globally in the near future.

Investment Structure

Investors will own the property indirectly; by owning shares in another legal entity that will hold the property (or the group of properties in case of diversified portfolio).

How we select real estate opportunities to be placed on Eqaree?

All real estate properties that are placed on Eqaree passed a rigorous elimination process. This process is composed of three main stages to ensure investors maximum return on investment with the lowest risk as described below:

  1. Rate of investment of the property
    • Calculate the actual/projected income against the total acquisition cost, along with the historic sales and rental data of the property
    • Consider the length of existing tenancy if the property is rented before acquisition*
    • If the theoretical results do not show an approximate rate of return of 25-30%, a different offer will be provided to the seller, if the seller does not accept the modified offer, we will decline the opportunity
  2. The condition of the asset
    • A qualified expert (a third party) will assess the current condition of the property and property details such as Unit attributes, building facilities, local amenities, accessibility and the economic factors (number of units for rent within the area, value added developments planned)
  3. Liquidity of the property
    • A qualified expert (from the company or a third party) will assess the liquidity of the property in terms of sale and rental transactions
    • Properties in high velocity areas (high continuous demand) are more attractive

Who manages the property?

Each property will have an assigned facility / property manager Each property holding company will enter into a management agreement, via our marketplace since it will be assigned as the administrator of the holding company, which will assign property management to the selected facility / property manager upon the approval of the shareholders . This process will be done using a blockchain based voting system that will guarantee a fair selection process. Facility management fees are covered from the monthly percentage withdrawn from the rent to cover the property all related expenses.These charges shall include advertising, managing the property, collecting rents, managing tenants and works with land registry and the municipality for any issues. These charges exclude VAT, legal expenses and additional overheads, such as standard maintenance charges and maintenance expenses.

Is EQAREE secure?

EQAREE is committed to protecting protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and sponsors information. This includes but is not limited to electronic and physical mechanisms to protect information from loss, damage, misuse or modification by malicious or unauthorized parties. Some of the main features of our security protocol are:

  • An encrypted distributed ledger with a centralized admin is set in place. Authentications across synchronized nodes of network mean the information remains intact and current.
  • Permanent and verifiably definite transactions, logged using data-blocks
  • Instant execution of property sale agreements/rental contracts (through the use of a smart contract), registered with the registrar and all participating parties.
  • Quick and efficient management of property with vendors at best bid pricing, adjusted for reputation considerations. Internal and external review of our public and non-public Internet sites and services;
  • Rigorous multi-stage testing of the operability of products and features before they are exposed to the Internet as well as updates for known vulnerabilities;
  • Monitoring of our systems infrastructure to detect weaknesses and potential intrusions.